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Image by Scott Blake

Warranted Electrical Engineer

Firetech Ltd is looking for an experienced Warranted Electrical Engineer who is capable of adhering to industry standards and perform at the highest of levels.


Assistant Head of ELV

As part of our continuous growth, this role will ensure the successful completion and execution of projects and contracts that are assigned to the team on a continuous basis.


After-Sales ELV Technician

In the context of the expansion of our business, we are looking to recruit an After Sales Technician with experience in Extra-Low Voltage systems.

Electrical Work

ELV Installers

We are looking for installers on a full-time basis to be responsible for installations of fire detection systems, intruder alarms and other Extra Low Voltage (ELV) systems.


Mechanical Installers
& Pipe Fitters

As part of a team of labourers, your role will include a variety of tasks which will need to be carried out as per expected quality standards.