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Image by Scott Blake

Warranted Electrical Engineer

Firetech Ltd is looking for an experienced Warranted Electrical Engineer who is capable of adhering to industry standards and perform at the highest of levels.

Office Desk

Finance Manager

Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, the Finance Manager shall be responsible for the day-to-day function of the finance department in various duties and responsibilities.


Mechanical Installers
& Pipe Fitters

As part of a team of labourers, your role will include a variety of tasks which will need to be carried out as per expected quality standards.

Installing Electric Cables

ELV Technicians

At Firetech we are continuously looking for outstanding people to join our team.  The role of an ELV technician is pivotal to the success of our ELV team.

Fire Hoses


We're looking for a Storekeeper to join our team on a full-time basis. The storekeeper shall work closely with our Logistics Officer in handling all our incoming and outgoing stock items, whilst supporting our internal and external customers in their requests for supplies. 

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