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Protection | Detection | Suppression | Fighting


We offer detection systems ranging from simple kitchen smoke or gas detectors to complex air sampling systems programmed to provide an alarm in case of fluctuations in the composition of air in the premises.

We provide detectors which indicate the exact location of the smoke or gas allowing action to be precise and definitive.

We provide fire fighting equipment ranging from manual extinguishers to fully automated suppression systems incorporating the latest inert gas or water mist technology.

We also protect expensive kitchen equipment, sensitive IT hardware, switchgear, motors, vehicle engines and marine craft using the latest technology.

Our experienced in-house design engineers tailor make each system to suit specific client requirements.

As the risk of fire is always there, it is essential that fire detection and suppression systems are regularly serviced to ensure they are ready to perform when you need them most. This is why our skilled service teams are as important as the fire protection systems themselves.

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