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Human Resources Manager

Firetech Ltd is seeking to hire an experienced HR Manager to lead and direct the routine functions of the Human Resources department.

The role of the Human Resources Manager will be pivotal in meeting personal, functional, organisational, and societal objectives through:

  • fulfilling organisational goals to achieve business requirements and objectives,

  • actively calling for strategies to foster better work culture,

  • ensuring proper integration of individuals within a team to produce streamlined operations and tasks,

  • Providing employees opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge,

  • Ensuring employee recognition, motivation, and empowerment,

  • Maintaining healthy and stable employee retention,

  • Managing data and compliance.


The job responsibilities of the Human Resources Manager will include:

  • Assisting and facilitating the company’s business units to work together to achieve a shared goal, improve communication and collaboration with each other, and meet their deadlines.

  • Updating and recommending human resources policies and practices in line with the company’s guidelines.

  • Evaluating, implementing, and maintaining employee relations, keeping morale high, and motivating employees to attain and improve performance benchmarks.

  • Maintaining and updating the company’s work structure with planned and structured recruitment initiatives, focusing on workforce planning and management.

  • Advising and counseling business units’ managers on candidate selection, induction, employee orientation, and training.

  • Training business units’ managers to coach and discipline employees and resolve employee grievances.

  • Conducting exit interviews and recommending changes to improve employee retention.

  • Recommending, planning, implementing, and maintaining a remuneration structure and budget.

  • Planning, recommending, and implementing incentives to retain employees and maintain a stable work environment.

  • Integrating an employee’s individual goals with those of the business unit and company.

  • Planning, recommending, and implementing key performance indicators and improving performance tracking systems to monitor performance.

  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, conducting investigations, maintaining current and historical records, and representing the company at employment tribunals.

  • Developing and supporting safety training and ensuring full compliance with relevant legislation and industry best practices.

  • Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or other designated officer, participating in the remuneration committee (if constituted) contributing to the attainment of its objectives, and attending Board meetings when requested.

  • Any other work related to and within the scope of the above functions.

Working Conditions

We offer excellent working conditions and an attractive salary for the right candidate. 


If you are interested in this position, please apply on by sending an application letter and CV.

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